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Total 04m:45s 3784h:48m:02s 03m:40s 1466h:42m:52s 00m:53s 676h:00m:46s 01m:50s 530h:46m:23s 02m:05s 475h:17m:19s 00m:55s 333h:43m:16s 01m:23s 275h:20m:07s 01m:46s 248h:41m:30s 00m:43s 246h:55m:07s 03m:19s 235h:51m:47s 01m:38s 222h:17m:24s 00m:39s 181h:40m:56s 00m:31s 169h:30m:46s 00m:37s 166h:31m:02s 01m:24s 163h:00m:46s 01m:19s 145h:43m:30s 00m:53s 138h:49m:42s 01m:24s 121h:42m:34s 01m:16s 115h:51m:47s 00m:33s 111h:53m:19s 02m:26s 98h:20m:36s 00m:24s 89h:27m:39s 01m:11s 86h:11m:27s 04m:21s 79h:04m:57s 05m:09s 75h:12m:23s 02m:30s 73h:12m:30s 01m:01s 53h:32m:40s 06m:01s 44h:30m:58s 05m:18s 43h:43m:50s 02m:24s 41h:43m:25s 03m:26s 41h:33m:14s 00m:20s 31h:34m:39s 00m:14s 30h:49m:41s 04m:21s 30h:10m:48s 00m:26s 27h:06m:11s 02m:25s 26h:48m:41s 02m:17s 25h:07m:32s 04m:12s 24h:10m:31s 02m:02s 23h:52m:10s 00m:08s 22h:27m:46s 00m:40s 22h:24m:50s 04m:52s 21h:58m:09s 02m:21s 21h:47m:59s 05m:18s 21h:13m:36s 02m:19s 20h:31m:03s 00m:44s 19h:26m:10s 00m:49s 19h:12m:17s 03m:44s 19h:07m:28s 02m:53s 18h:50m:57s 01m:33s 18h:48m:04s
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Total hits: 499012 - Average: 01m:32s
00m:00s - 00m:30s 4702 50.69%
00m:30s - 02m:00s 1662 17.92%
02m:00s - 05m:00s 881 9.5%
05m:00s - 15m:00s 920 9.92%
15m:00s - 30m:00s 453 4.88%
30m:00s - 60m:00s 195 2.1%
60m:00s + 368 3.97%

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